This was tough, but I finally have compiled my list and here it is. I will cross off each as I do it and write a post with pictures once I’m done. Wish me luck!

1. Go vegetarian for 30 days.

2. Go to the movies solo

3. Try 3 new recipes

4. Take 30 photo’s and make a collage

5. Send a surprise to 3 people this year

6. Take a pole dancing class

7. 30 Day Fitness Challenge

8. Put together a memory box and seal it for my kids with something from every year

9. Go to Kensington Market

10. Go on a date with A & C seperately.

11. Go Downtown Toronto with my hubby on a cool night, grab hot chocolate and stroll, chit chat and  hold hands

12. Write letters to both my kids for them to open on their 30th Birthdays

13. Go to a drive in movie with my hubby, maybe even make out  – just sayin’

14. Volunteer 30 hours of my time to a charitable organization

15. Leave 30 pennies for people to find – sharing the luck ofcourse!

16. Take a cooking class

17. Get another tattoo

18. Lose 30 lbs

19. Write a letter to The Cake Boss and frame a reply, if I get one, I’m sure he will reply right?? Right??

20. Learn to parallel park

21. Write a list of 30 reasons I love you for a few special people in my life

22. Do 3 Random Acts of Kindness

23. Hug a tree

24. Grow a plant of some sort. If you know me, you know I can’t even keep a cactus alive so this will be a challenge.

25. Put $20 in a slot machine. I hate slot machines.

26. Go to Wonderland with Mar ;0)

27. Build a snowman with my boys

28. Sing karaoke and record it

29. Go to 3 other Cupcakeries and try their Signature flavour

30. Forgive